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Toxins can come from chemical pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides, drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoking, and food additives.  However, toxins can also come from normal metabolism and intestinal build-up of unhealthy bacteria within your own body. Toxins damage cells, disrupt our systems, and impair the body's ability to absorb nutrients and heal itself. The body cannot metabolize most of these toxins, which remain in the body for years, stored in fat cells throughout the body.  A combination of body detox and chiropractic will help you feel better while also promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Air Fresheners made from neurotoxic solvents and synthetic fragrances can cause headaches, mood swings, memory loss, and chronic fatigue.

Pre-Packaged Lettuce is washed in a chlorine solution twenty five times more concentrated than that found in an average swimming pool.

Mouthwash containing alcohol is associated with an increased risk of throat and mouth cancers.

Artificial Sweetener Aspartame breaks down into carcinogenic formaldehyde during storage in the body.

Flea & Tick Control Products can expose people to pesticides five hundred times greater than the recommended safe limits.

Microwave Popcorn contains a flavoring chemical that is a relative of paint stripper.


THE IMMUNE SYSTEM causing an increased tendency to allergies and recurrent respiratory (nose, sinus, or lung) or ear infections.

THE DEFENSE SYSTEMS of both animals and human bodies making them prone to cancer. Infants and young children, as well as adults, are presently developing cancer at an alarming rate.

THE BRAIN AND NERVOUS SYSTEM causing headaches, difficulty thinking or remembering, inexplicable emotional ups and downs, inconsolable depression, irritability, moodiness, aggression, hyper-activity or extreme fatigue.

THE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM causing a wide variety of sexual problems and infertility.

THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM contribution to illnesses such as diabetes, thyroid disease and weakened adrenal glands.

THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM causing twitches, tics, muscle pains or weakness, in time possibly leading to fibromyalgia, multiple Scierosis, Amyotrophic lateral Scierosis or Parkinson's disease.

THE SKELETAL SYSTEM causing chronic swelling and stiffness that eventually leads to pain and permanent joint deformities.

THE HEART AND CIRCULATORY SYSTEM causing high blood pressure or irregular heart beats.

THE BLOOD VESSELS causing abnormal bleeding into the skin, joints, breasts, urine and elsewhere.


Air pollution is a serious health threat. It sends people to the hospital, shapes how children's lungs develop, and can even be deadly.

Air pollution hovers at unhealthy levels in almost every major city, threatening the ability to breathe and places lives in danger.

The most widespread kinds of air pollution are ozone (smog) and particle pollution (soot). Breathing either can harm your body and risk your life.

When inhaled, ozone irritates the lungs, resulting in something like a bad sunburn damage to the lungs.


ALCOHOL, ACIDS & ALKALI - anemia, cancer, coughing, cramps, death, depression, disorientation, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, heart damage, muscle weakness, nerve damage, organ damage, rashes, respiratory problems, sleeping problems, vision problems and more.

BLEACHES & CHLORINES - anemia, child development problems, cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal cancer, gland cancer, headaches, heart disease, immune system breakdown, mental function difficulties, organ cancer, pulmonary edemas, severe eye problems, urinary tract cancer and more.

DETERGENTS & EMULSIFIERS - allergic reactions, blindness, cancer, cataracts, interference with nutrient absorption, loss of hair, organ damage, reproductive damage, scalp eruptions, skin irritations, strips skin of protective oils and more.

DYES & FRAGRANCES - ADD, allergic reactions, cancer, convulsions, depression, dizziness, headaches, Hodgkin's, hyper-activity, irritability, leukemia, muscular aches and pains, organ damage, behavioral problems, emotional problems, reproductive damage, skin rashes, stomach upsets, vertigo, violent coughing and sneezing, tumors and more.

HEAVY METALS - abdominal cramps, Alzheimer's, brain disorder, cancer, emotional and immune system disorders, genetic damage, hyperactivity, motor skill difficulties, mouth sores, muscle weakness, nausea, pain in bones and joints, reduced intelligence, short attention span and more.

FUNGICIDES, INSECTICIDES & PESTICIDES - ADD, birth defects, cancer, death, dizziness, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, genetic mutations, gland tumors, insomnia, memory loss, muscle weakness, nausea, nervous system disorder, pain in bones & joints, organ damage, stomach cramps, swelling of body parts and more.

PERTROCHEMICALS - allergic reaction, asthma, cancer, depression, fatigue, headaches, inhibit skin functions, intestinal gas, immune system disorders, premature aging, pimples, rashes, respiratory failure, sensitivity to sun, splitting of fingernails and toenails and more.

PRESERVATIVES & VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS - asthma, cancer, cramps, digestive problems, eye and organ damage, headaches, mental confusion, muscle weakness, pain in bones and joints, reproductive damage, respiratory problems, skin rashes, tumors and more.