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As a health care provider who relies heavily on the use of my hands, you can imagine my concern when a moment of inattentiveness left me with a sliced-open index finger.  5 stitches later the skin healed nicely, but altered sensation from the severed nerves left me unable to touch it or place any pressure on it.  After 6 weeks, the nature of the pain had changed to a hot searing sensation when touched in certain areas.  Dr. Fowers suggested Cold Laser Therapy for the sensitivity and pain.  Much to my surprise, and just one treatment later, my nerve sensitivity was completely gone.  I have been back to functioning normally ever since.  I'm completely convinced of the laser treatment benefits and would recommend it to everyone.


I am an avid runner and found myself with plantar fascitis.  It got so painful that running became unbearable.  I see Dr. Fowers for Chiropractic care regularly and she recommended Cold Laser Therapy.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Three treatments and my plantar fasciitis was completely gone, both the swelling and the pain.  I actually felt drastic improvement after my first treatment.

Deborah C.

I am a 60 plus year old bowler and had a championship tournament coming up.  My knee was hurting so bad, I wasn’t sure I would be able to bowl.  I went to the Dr. and he took x-rays and said that I had osteoarthritis recommending I use pain pills and ice compresses as treatment.  It didn’t help!  I went to Dr. Fowers and she recommended Cold Laser Therapy for the pain and inflammation.  After three treatments I was pain free!!  Not only did I bowl in the Tournament, I bowled better then I had in a long time.  Thank you Dr. Fowers!

Kathy T.

My first Laser Therapy Treatment with Dr. Fowers gave me relief.  It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.  Thank you Dr. Fowers and Staff!

Rajeshmi M.

I have gotten great results with cold laser treatments for back pain.  When annoying clicking noises in my ear kept me awake all night, Dr. Fowers suggested I try the Laser for this.  The clicking noises went from daily to 2-3 times per week but only lasting for a minute or two.  I am grateful this laser is now available!

Inge P.

After suffering for the past 13 months with severe pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia and TMJ, I was fortunate to hear of a treatment called Cold Laser Therapy. After trying many prescribed medications with no success and many side effects, this sounded like the answer to my prayers.  After just a few treatments I started to feel real relief from the pain.  At the present time I am virtually pain free, thanks to Dr. Fowers’ treatment of my condition.

Shirley B.

I am a 28 year old in Esthetician School and found myself with basically every joint in my body hurting!!  I couldn’t open a water bottle, had to use two hands to turn the key in the ignition of my car, and walked like I was 100 years old.  Turning on the faucet hurt, as did the simplest motion of passing anything off to another.  I was stiff and swollen.  If I was moving, I could survive the pain, however, any moment of rest and my body stiffened.  For 6 weeks I got weekly massages and chiropractic adjustments.  It helped, but my swelling and pain was still continual.  Dr. Fowers adjusted and lasered me 3 days in a row and I am excited to say “I have had no swelling or joint pain ever since!!”

Ashley T.

Through MRI I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back.  I was in severe pain, not sleeping, my foot tingled constantly and I had foot drop.  Very SEVERE.  The neurosurgeon felt that this condition would be a permanent problem if I did not have surgery.  While the neurosurgeon was getting approval from the insurance company to do the surgery, I went to Dr. Fowers and told her I did not want surgery.  She recommended chiropractic adjustments and laser therapy 3 times a week.  By the time the insurance company authorized the surgery I was improving on a noticeable level.  Without surgery I am happy to report that I am mobile, no difficulty bending or stooping and I can walk 2 miles without pain.  God bless you Dr. Fowers!


I love to golf!  When I went to Dr. Fowers I wasn’t able to do what I love.  She recommended chiropractic adjustments along with laser therapy.  I am happy to report that not only am I golfing again, I won Golfer of the Year for 2012.  Thank you Dr. Fowers!

Brent L.

I was hesitant about going to a chiropractor but Dr. Pamela Fowers has dramatically changed my life!  After six weeks, I am able to exercise, sit at sporting events, do housework and yard work pain free!  My back had been hurting for many years and was progressively getting worse.  I have lumber disc herniation, osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis.  Before meeting Dr. Fowers, I regularly saw my back doctor, received cortisone injections, tried radio frequency ablation and took muscle relaxers and pain medication.  I no longer take pain medication, or receive cortisone injections.  If you are willing to try Dr. Fowers you will experience a kind, caring doctor with a wonderful sense of humor.

Shirley R.

Our daughter was 16 months old and not walking yet.  She would “walk” on her knees but not standing.  After extensive labwork, x-rays and an MRI, the doctors shrugged their shoulders and said nothing was wrong, that it would be just a matter of time for her to walk.  A month passed with no change.  She continued to avoid putting standing weight on her legs.  Dr. Fowers viewed the xrays.   It was clear her hip alignment was not conducive to motion, let alone pain free motion.  Within the first week of treatment, our daughter began standing more and taking initial steps.  By week three, she was walking!  It’s been 14 years and our family’s health continues to benefit from the non-invasive treatment we receive from Dr. Fowers

Nancy & John Bagdanov

We first started seeing Dr. Fowers twenty years ago, before either one of her children were born and when she was still a “green” young doctor.  Today, our whole family of six pays regular visits to her cheerful office.  As the children are growing, we appreciate being able to have such proficient ‘Activator Method’ chiropractic treatments available to them.  We believe keeping their young bodies ‘tuned up’ and their juices flowing can greatly assist in preventing future health problems as well as addressing all the issues that arise from the physical stress of a normal rough-and-tumble childhood.  Traveling seventy miles round trip is as nothing compared to the incomparable gift of good health we receive in return.  Thank you, Dr. Fowers!

All Six Smiths

I was introduced to Chiropractic five years ago.   After playing soccer in the mud and rain, and after falling in the mud, I would ache from head to foot!  I would almost crawl on knees to Dr. Fowers’ office.  When I come out I run and feel as good as new!  Some people may think chiropractic does not work, but I can tell you this, I am so grateful to my parents for taking me to the best Chiropractor in the Sacramento region.  I always look forward to my next visit to Dr. Fowers.


I started going to Dr. Fowers because I had burning pain down both legs.  I could hardly stand.  My back was very painful.  I needed a cane or walker just to go to use the bathroom.  I could not get in the garage to do laundry and it was impossible to go up or down stairs.  I couldn’t even go grocery shopping.  I was stuck in my home, which I hated.  Now I can do all these things!  Walk a short distance, eat out , grocery shop and even go to the movies!  I’m not feeling perfect, but my life is so much better thanks to Dr. Fowers.


"I can attest to the value of Chiropractic care from my personal experience in physical training and conditioning.  For forty years I have been a physically active person, one who trains and conditions himself year-round and participates in two very demanding sports; Olympic weightlifting and track and field.  Through my training experience, I know the importance of maintaining a healthy life style via a proper diet, rest and exercise; but a very important training aid is Chiropractic care.  Chiropractic care has given my body the opportunity to maintain itself in strength and vitality by simply allowing my 'life force' to radiate unrestricted.  In fact, I can't even remember the last time I had a cold or flu.  My suggestion to anyone regarding health is to implement a plan of action on four levels; proper diet, adequate rest, varied and regular exercise and, regular visits to a Chiropractor.  Your body will love you for it."

Michael Holzgang

"I went to a bend and crunch Chiropractor for ten years with back and neck pain.  During that time my trips to the ER for morphine shots became more and more frequent.  My daughter took me to Dr. Fowers.  I was amazed at what she and her activator could do.  I said good-bye to crunching, shots and poor health.  For two years I've been driving 100 miles for my appointments and it's well worth it.  I now have a future to look forward to.  I have health, energy and fun.  Every body deserves Dr. Fowers and her exceptional skill.  It could change your did mine."

Nancy Scharf

"Little did I know the impact Dr. Fowers would have in changing my family's lives. Not only did she take care of the problems that sent our family to her, but she taught me what subluxation is, how the body works and how I am an important ingredient in taking care of it. I have lived with health problems all my life. Thanks to Dr. Fowers, I am doing things I haven't been able to do for years and my health is getting better every day. My two daughters, who are athletes, needed her care. Susan, who had suffered from shin splints, had given up playing basketball because of pain. Since she has been seeing Dr. Fowers, she is now playing on a women's basketball team once a week without pain. Tracey, who plays basketball for Del Campo High School, had suffered from back and leg injuries last season that limited her playing time. This year being under the care of Dr. Fowers has helped to prevent reoccurring injuries. I know now that I don't have to live with pain and so does my family. That's the best gift of all."

Dave, Kathy, Susan & Tracey

"I remember the day my body revolted against me. I was at work, and looked down and felt a strange sensation in my neck. Over the next few days I felt tingling in my arms, but by the weekend that was gone. Christmas day was the next episode. I was in agony! It seemed located in my neck, but I couldn't get in any position to remedy it. I was a walking hysteric, frightened out of my mind. My job and future depended on me being able to cope and pretend I was normal. Over my years of employment in the health care field, I had seen plenty of this kind of agony. Visions of surgery, drugs, chronic pain and disability danced in my head. The next year and a half I saw three Chiropractors, two of which said they couldn't help me any more. The care did help, but it was too slow so I continued my search! By fate I was referred to Dr. Fowers. She restructured my care and gave me back my life! In the past nine months that I have been treated by her, I have seen permanent progress!! Sometimes I feel so good I can't believe it was a few short months ago I lived like I did!! The care and instruction has given me a new respect for something I had taken from granted...good health. I feel somewhat like Scarlett O'hara out in that field, 'As God is my witness I will never be without Chiropractic care again.' This is my story and I thank God and Dr. Fowers"

Kathy Johnson

"Chiropractic care has been the only 'medical' care program I have been on for ten years. I had stopped care for a few months, went on vacation and was in agony! That was when I was introduced to the Activator method. I was given a list of Activator Chiropractors in my area and was divinely led to Dr. Pamela Chaffin Fowers on Madison Ave. My first adjustment shook the ground for me. My feet tingled from the 'life' flowing to them! My neck released and it felt like a great weight had been removed! For the first time I had no pressure on my shoulders and arms and my fingers were happy! To date, I have had four doctors use the activator on my body. Each had their own style and good in their own way, but when Dr. Fowers applies that tool to my bones, she does it with attitude, confidence, and most of all care."

Debra Hendrickson

After my automobile accident, I was feeling a lot of pain up and down my back and shoulders!  However, after Dr. Fowers applied the activator tool to my back and followed up with laser therapy, my pain vanished!! Laser therapy will help me return to work!

Thank you Dr. Fowers!


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